Andrew offers training and choreography for any theatre production with great sympathy to the period of history the play is set in. He offers instruction in a variety of weapons including, among others: Rapier and Dagger, Sword and Cloak, Sword and Buckler/Shield, Point work, Quarterstaff, Broadsword and unarmed using a safe yet highly affective combat system which is used in many top London Drama schools. It concentrates on delivering realistic and exciting fights on stage whilst keeping the performer safe and controlled throughout. He can deliver breathtaking choreography to professional theatrical productions as well as training/workshops for Theatre groups as well as Youth groups and has often helped in school productions in the past. Even if the cast have no previous experience Andrew can offer training throughout the rehearsal process after which the choreography can be put in place in a safe and effective way. He has offered his services in many theatre productions including:

Romeo & Juliet
What's Wrong with Angry?
Twelfth Night
Flowers of Dead Red Sea
Henry V
Extracts - Romeo & Juliet
Peter Pan
Oxford & Cambridge Shakespeare Co
Wilde Justice Co
Penticle Theatre Co
Kings Head Theatre
Fast and Loose Theatre Co
Royal Albert Hall
Leeds Grammar
Jon Sen
Patrick Wilde Vicky Courtney Patrick Wilde Trevor Lynn
Black Dyke
Brass Band

E-mail: andrew@andrewbalmforth.com  Mobile: 07852 633416 
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